Personalised Jewellery — Hand Stamped with Style

Please note : current turn around 4-6 weeks

When you buy jewellery that’s hand stamped, letter by letter, you know that each piece is as unique as the person wearing it. Now that’s what makes a piece of jewellery valuable! Personalised jewellery from Ulli Jewellery is designed to make an impression and stand the test of time. Not only is our jewellery of high quality, its sentimental value is made even stronger by the way that it is beautifully handcrafted.

At Ulli Jewellery you will receive much more than just a piece of personalised jewellery. Whether it’s a luxury gift, a precious memento or a little treat for yourself, your jewellery will become a reminder of memories, a holder of sentiment and a reflection of the person who wears it.

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Quality name jewellery to treasure forever

It’s the quality of our hand stamped jewellery that will see your name necklace, bracelet, bangle or cufflink proudly worn and passed down through the generations. Forget the machine engraving used on a lot of mass-produced name jewellery. At Ulli Jewellery we carefully and lovingly stamp each piece by hand in the design of your choice for a flawless finish with individual flair.

Handmade jewellery for original style

Why wear a trendy piece of jewellery that everyone else is wearing? At Ulli Jewellery, we want you to embrace your own sense of style and originality. We showcase an exclusive range of gold and silver jewellery that is designed and created in Australia. We also involve you in every step of the design process via our online store.

Embrace your original style and celebrate life’s precious memories today with the exclusive range of personalised jewellery from Ulli Jewellery