Welcome to Ulli Jewellery!

Our aim is to create unique and personal pieces of jewellery for you to treasure. They are also aimed to make excellent and meaningful gifts for others.


Each piece is hand crafted in our studio in Australia and all items of the Exclusive Range are cast in Australia.Sometimes it may take a little longer to have something cast, so please take this into account when ordering.

All of the stamping is done by hand, so no two pieces will be the same. There will be variations in letter depth, spacing and alignment which is part of the charm of a hand stamped piece of jewellery.

We use sterling silver, 9 carat gold and 18 carat gold fill parts.

Please do not choose this type of jewellery if you are after the machine made uniformity of engraved jewellery, as each piece is handmade and unique

Please note that the chains for the necklaces can be delicate, so wearing them whilst sleeping is not recommended as this can cause breakage.


Whenever we ask for personal information we may need to fulfill your orders we will never use this information to pass onto third parties. The information will stay with us for reference only. We will never pass it onto someone else but may use it from time to time to contact you or inform you about our own products  and services only.


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