How long will it take to receive my jewellery?

It usually takes about 2-3 weeks to complete an order from date of payment. All items are shipped ordinary registered post unless you have chosen express post. Please note that the time it takes to ship an item may vary and this needs to be added onto the 2-3 week timeframe. If you have a specific deadline please let me know via email and I will try to accommodate you. If an item is out of stock or I am waiting for parts I will tell you. During busy times like Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day it may take longer, so you are advised to order well in advance.

During the run up to Christmas and Mother’s Day delivery periods are much longer.


Can I combine multiple orders and save on shipping?

You pay a one-off shipping fee for your order regardless of how many items you purchase, if the items are ordered and paid for at the same time. If you re-visit the store at a later stage to buy another item this will incur a new shipping fee.


Will the stamped letters be perfectly straight?

No. Hand stamping requires for each letter to be stamped separately. Whilst care is taken to create a uniform look it is impossible for each letter to be spaced or aligned perfectly evenly. You can see many examples in the gallery. This adds to the charm of your piece and It will ensure your item has a handmade and personal look to it. Every piece is different. Some of the letter impressions may be deeper than others too. Please do not choose hand stamped jewellery if you are expecting the uniform look of a machine engraved piece.
The stamping process leaves a slight impression on the back of the piece even when using thicker silver.


Will layered discs and charms scratch my piece?

Yes. Layered discs will cause slight scratching between the disc due to the fact that they swing freely. added charm can also cause slight marks.Please remember this when ordering, as it is normal. A regular polish with a polish cloth can often remove very slight scratches, but deeper marks cannot be removed


What forms of payment do you take?

We accept Paypal, CC and Bank Transfer.


When do I have to make payment?

Full payment is required when ordering/ checking out, as all items are custom made and the production cannot start before full payment is received.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do! Please note that international orders incur the same shipping fees as Australian orders, but they will not be sent registered post. If you wish to register your item anyway please contact us via email and we will inform you about the additional coast and invoice you separately.

International post can take a long time to deliver and can’t be tracked, so please keep this in mind when ordering.

If a customs fee is imposed by another country we will not be liable for this.



Can I choose a different chain length?

Yes, when adding an item to the cart you will have the option to choose the standard chain. The basic snake chain is not anti-tarnish coated, so it will darken over time.
There is a variety of other chains available and you will be able to choose an upgrade from the menu when you add the item to the cart. The new price is calculated automatically. Please note that if you buy an additional chain from the extras menu the price will be higher, as the price of a standard chain is already factored in with an ordinary purchase.


Can I choose the font?

Yes, when placing the item in your basket you will be asked to choose a font. You can choose to have the font either blackened or plain. Please leave a note in the comments.


My necklace is tarnishing, what do I do?

Sterling silver naturally tarnishes, especially in humid conditions. Please use a soft silver cleaning cloth or the polish pad, which is included with every order to bring back the shine.  Please note that the square white polish pad (available in the Extras section)is more abrasive than a standard polish cloth and should NEVER be used on any gold fill, as it will wear away the top layer easily.

Never immerse your jewellery in a cleaning bath or sonic cleaner, as it will remove the oxidization.

Storing your piece in an airtight plastic bag will help it to not tarnish. Please try to keep your jewellery away from creams and perfumes and remove it before showering, bathing or swimming


What is Gold Fill?

Gold fill jewellery is composed of a solid layer of gold bonded with heat and pressure to a base metal such as brass. All of my gold fill discs are 14ct double clad discs or 18ct gold fill in the new Golden Delicious Collection. Please note that 18 carat gold fill is much more yellow in colour than 9 carat gold. The top layer consists of real 18 carat gold which is much richer in colour. The colour of the discs may vary from the colour of some of the plated charms or vermeil gold items. 
Gold fill items are 50 to 100,000 times thicker than regular gold plating, and 17 to 25,000 times thicker than heavy gold electroplate.


Can I add gift wrapping?

All of our jewellery is sent out in organza gift bags and comes with care instructions and a polish pad. If you wish to send an item directly to someone as a gift and you wish to add a card please contact us and we can invoice you separately.



How do I care for my jewellery?

All sterling silver and gold fill pieces require some care. They will tarnish, which is completely normal. Included in your order is an anti-tarnish tab, which should help to preserve the shine.

Please DO NOT use the square polish pad on any of the gold fill items, as this is more abrasive and will wear away the top layer more easily.

Please use a soft silver polishing cloth or the square polish pad, which is included in your parcel. You should use this whenever you feel your piece is getting tarnished. Please DO NOT use any cleaning fluids on your jewellery, as this may affect the look of your special piece.  Do not use the polish pad on any of the vermeil or gold plated charms, as it will wear away the top layer more easily.

If your piece has stamped hearts on it please do not rub over these, as you may take the blackness out of the grooves more easily here due to their surface area.

Your jewellery should be stored in a small zip-loc bag whenever possible and will as such be sent in one for transit.

You should avoid swimming or bathing in your jewellery and avoid contact with creams and lotions, as this will tarnish your piece. Should this occur you can restore a beautiful shine to your jewellery by using the cleaning cloth which is provided free of charge.

As most of my pieces are layered with other components there will be some wear to the  discs over time, which is to be expected


Sterling silver naturally tarnishes, especially in humid conditions . There are many factors that can influence how much a piece tarnishes and some may see this faster than others.  To minimize tarnishing please keep your jewellery in a sealed bag or box whenever you are not wearing it.

We recommend to use a soft silver cleaning cloth or the polish pad, which is included with every order to bring back the shine.  Please note that the polish pad is more abrasive than a standard polish cloth and should NEVER be used on any vermeil or gold plated items or charms, as it will wear away the top layer easily. You are welcome to use it on the gold fill discs though.

Never immerse your jewellery in a cleaning bath or sonic cleaner, as it will remove the oxidization.

Storing your piece in an airtight plastic bag will help it to not tarnish. Please try to keep your jewellery away from creams and perfumes and remove it before showering, bathing or swimming

We accept Paypal payments and Bank Transfer. Please note that paypal payment must be made upon checkout and that all transfers have to be made within 2 business days or we cannot keep the stock for your order.

Gift certificates
Gift certificates are availble for purchase. Once purchased they will be emailed to you within 48 hours. The Gift Certificate can then be printed off and presented. To redeem the voucher please contact us prior to making your purchase. All Gift vouchers have an expiry date of 6 months after purchase. Any remaining amount can be used for additional purchases until the voucher expires. no cash refund will be given.